First Southern Baptist Church of Phoenix
Monday, November 29, 2021

Core Values

are the characteristics we want reflected in our church.

  We value . . .
. . . authentic worship of God. Worship should be the pursuit of every believer and the church as a whole.
. . . prayer, individually and corporately, that results in ongoing communication with God and discovery of His will and ways.
. . . a commitment to the local church by Christians. Mutual involvement, love, fellowship, and ministry bind us together as a community of believers, and allow us to fulfill our mission and vision.
. . . all people because they are precious in God’s sight. We welcome and accept people as they are, and extend God’s love and grace to them.
. . . the opportunity and responsibility to tell others about Jesus, and how He has made a difference in our lives. God cares about you, and so do we.
. . . growing and maturing believers fully committed to Christ. As each believer strives to be more like Jesus, our lives will increasingly reflect holy living, giving, dependable service & participation, and transparency.
. . . meaningful ministry to our church family, community, and world. We support these ministries through our personal involvement, finances, and prayer.
. . . our historic relationship with the Southern Baptist Convention, whom we voluntarily partner with to accomplish mission work on a local, national, and global scale, and our historic position within the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention as a leader in starting new churches.